Casio G-Shock all-new, Adrenaline Red Series of men’s timepiece is made up of three unique watches in matte black cases and bands with striking red watch dials and displays, making them the perfect accessory during the dark winter months.
G-SHOCK’s most popular digital and analog-digital models have been chosen to feature this updated style; the GWB5600,
The mid-sized GWB5600 2019s origin case, has a red-tinted reverse LCD digital display. It includes additional premium technical features like G-SHOCK’s Multi-Band 6 and Bluetoothu00ae connectivity for two-way time sync functionality, as well as Tough Solar Technology rendering it capable of self-charging even with low light conditions.

Casio G-Shock Special Adrenaline Bluetooth Digital Watch GWB5600AR-1 GW-B5600AR-1