Hennessy V.S announces the fourth edition of the brand’s Limited Edition bottle series by unveiling a new design created by critically acclaimed contemporary artist Obey’s Shepard Fairey. The original label art incorporates elements from Fairey’s striking color palette and iconography, and pays homage to the Hennessy brand and the cognac within. Lifting key features from historic Hennessy designs as well as his own designs, the Hennessy V.S Limited Edition label represents the artist’s unique interpretation of the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. Exploring the new design, art enthusiasts will discover distinct symbols and motifs, including the star icon representing Shepard Fairey’s search for expression of continuity and his signature OBEY imagery. In addition, each Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle by Shepard Fairey is individually numbered.

Additionally, Hennessy V.S Limited Edition Deluxe sets will be available starting in July offering connoisseurs an exclusive, eye-catching signature set, designed by the artist. Each set features two new and distinct 750ml iconic bottles with premium gold and silver foil labels, capsule and macaroon designed by Shepard Fairey, an elegant booklet providing a special behind-the-scenes look at the Hennessy and Shepard Fairey partnership, and three exclusive collectible stickers designed by the artist.