The Mercedes-Benz X Class is no longer in production, but Kahn Design shows there is still some life in the pickup with a newly modified example of the pickup. The tuner refers to its look “bodyguard”.

The exterior wears a tubular metal brush bar and a revised grille with vertical strakes. Wider fenders cover a set of 22-inch wheels with five sets of double spokes and vented pieces around the rims. There are also side steps below the doors. The whole body gets 3D-texture white paint with a satin finish.

If buyers want to accentuate the “BODYGUARD” aesthetic, Kahn offers optional bullet-resistant glass. The company claims that the material that it uses is lighter than what armored vehicles generally use.

Inside, Kahn re-covers the seats in high-quality leather. The company adds quilted sections throughout the cabin and uses contrasting stitching to make things pop. There are also red stripes that add an extra color to the interior.

KAHN® is the original British automotive fashion house. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, each of their vehicles are tailored to precise specifications and designed to maximise comfort and quality.

Kahn’s in-house creative team of product designers, 3D modellers, graphic artists, coachbuilders, re-upholsterers and material engineers spend thousands of hours and millions of pounds developing and refining each of our products until they meet our exacting standards of craftsmanship.