Leonard Hilton McGurr (born November 17, 1955), known as Futura, and formerly known as Futura 2000, is an American graffiti artist.

One of the most distinctive features of Futura’s work is his abstract approach to graffiti. While the primary focus, during the 1980s, of the majority of graffiti artists was lettering, Futura pioneered abstract street art, which has since become more popular. Conversely, his aerosol strokes are regarded as different from those of his peers, as they are as thin as the fine lines usually associated with the use of an  airbrush.

During the 1990s he was involved with clothing companies such as GFS, Subware and Project Dragon. More recently much of Futura’s artwork has evolved into the production of collectible toys, sneakers and a diverse range of creative media, working with Recon, Nike, Medicom toy, Undercover and Bathing Ape.

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