Kahn Design is a British-based company that specialises in the modification of motor vehicles. Founded by Afzal Kahn, the company has its headquarters in Bradford and showrooms in both Chelsea and Kensington in London. Initially the company designed and sold alloy wheels, but in 2003 developed into car design modifications and coachbuilding. As of 2011, the company employs 80 people, including 20 designers.

The folks at Kahn Design continue to showcase their customization abilities as they tackled this Land Rover Defender 90 Pick Up truck.

Based on the standard short-wheelbase Defender 90 Pick Up, the truck’s aesthetics have been revamped from top to bottom, front to back. The truck features a full body kit complete with a redesigned front grill. The yellow paint job is accented with contrasting black hits throughout, including a set of matt black 16-inch wheels on all four corners. A leather tonneau cover out back ensures your tools stay hidden from would be thieves, and adds a bit more flair to the already head-turning 2-door. The interior features a set of racing eats upholstered in black quilted leather, and an aluminum trim instrument cluster complete with red gauges. While they were quick to swap out all of the exterior and interior components, Kahn had a different outlook under the hood – leaving the engine and drivetrain untouched. Equipped with a 2.4-liter diesel pushing 122 ponies through a six-speed transmission, this go-anywhere vehicle has all the power it needs to conquer anything and everything in its path.