Noir Centerpiece Bowl

This is the largest piece Ryuji Mitani has ever created. It is handcrafted from a single solid block of wood. The center is slowly carved out and finely chiseled to create a multi-faceted surface texture that reflects light in a dynamic manner. Then it is lacquered in black urushi while controlling brush stroke direction to further enhance the brilliance of this rare gem-like piece.

  • Handcrafted in Matsumoto, Japan
  • Features Ryuji Mitani’s signature on the bottom of the bowl 

Woodworker Ryuji Mitani has long been an active promoter of the link between living and crafts, patiently communicating that message through products, exhibitions, and writings.

Born 1952 in Fukui City, Mitani established PERSONA STUDIO in Matsumoto City in 1981, where he makes bowls and other utensils for everyday use out of wood instead of ceramic. This opened up a new field for woodworking, which up until that point had focused mainly around furniture. In addition, Mitani adds white lacquer to traditional red and black lacquers, creating lacquerware befitting contemporary lifestyle and produces paintings and sculptural works with a familiar, intimate feel inspired by everyday life.

Mitani participates in a number of activities that link lifestyle crafts with everyday life and has been involved in running the Crafts Fair Matsumoto in Matsumoto City from the time of its inception in 1985.

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Noir Centerpiece Bowl (OUT OF STOCK)
Noir Centerpiece Bowl (OUT OF STOCK)
Noir Centerpiece Bowl (OUT OF STOCK)