Fragment Pikachu

You might consider yourself to be a really serious Pokemon fan because you own all of the games, as well as a few plush toys and a (totally unironic) Ash Ketchum cap, but if you’re truly dedicated to the brand then you’ll have to up your game to the tune of $25,000 because The Pokémon Company has teamed up with the French crystal manufacturer Baccarat to present a trio of special collectable items to mark the 25th anniversary of the monster-catching series.

At the lower end of the scale, there’s a 5.7 inch Pikachu figure for $440, as well as a crystal Pokeball which is 2.7 inches tall and will set you back a cool $410.

Baccarat Pikachu
Baccarat Ball

Images: The Pokémon Company / Baccarat

However, the centrepiece of the collection is the 11.8 inch-tall Pikachu Fragment designed by Hiroshi Fujiwara. Only 25 of these will be made, and it costs a whopping $25,000. Sheesh.

Baccarat Pikachu
Image: The Pokémon Company / Baccarat