Ribble Ultra SL R

Even just a few years ago, cycling was a sport dominated by weight-saving measures; however, these days, it’s become something of an aerodynamic arms race. After all, if you’re not moving through the wind efficiently, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re not only wasting watts but also allowing your competitors to get an edge.

Bearing this in mind, British bicycle manufacturer Ribble has spent the last three years developing the ‘Ultra SL R,’ a ride it claims is “the fastest aero bike in the world.” Honed in the wind tunnel and tested in real-life applications, it’s proven to save as much as 75.1s over 25 miles. While that might not sound like much on paper, it amounts to a huge advantage in a sport dependent on marginal gains. And it’s not without good reason; around the bike, you’ll find plenty of cutting-edge design elements, including a drag-reducing, cable-integrated cockpit; a set of hidden, inboard brake mounts; an aero-enhanced downtube; as well as an aggressive, airfoil-shaped seat tube. When specced with a set of deep ENVE wheels and a wireless Shimano Dura Ace groupset, it’s truly an option that can’t be beaten. You can buy a complete setup starting at $5,000.

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