Phatfour Utility Sidecar

Founded in 2018, Phatfour is an Amsterdam-based EV outfit that makes modern pedal-assist ebikes that draw inspiration from a 1906 Simplex model. And after previously unveiling its FLB and FLS series ebikes, Phatfour has now revealed a new battery-powered side-hack known simply as the “Sidecar.”

Compatible with both the FLB and FLS models — as well as the + specs — the Sidecar is sold a la carte and features a powder-coated steel frame that’s made by hand in the Netherlands. Riding on 20” wheels shod in chunky Kenda tires, this battery-powered side-hack affords a whopping 150-liters of storage space and includes a wooden bench seat for accommodating children or pets.

Unlike traditional sidecars, Phatfour’s unit utilizes a special connecting arm that mates the ebike to the side-box, while still allowing the two-wheeler to achieve some lean angle in the corners. The Phatfour Sidecar is currently available for preorder on the company’s website, with pricing set at approximately $1,035. For more info, or to preorder your own Phatfour bike or Sidecar, you can check out the link below.

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