OLTRE XR4 is a bike built for performance. Its driving precision, together with the Bianchi Countervail system that cancels vibrations, guarantees unparalleled control of the vehicle. Perfect power transmission means that every watt unloaded on the pedals will get you closer to the finish line faster than your opponents. If you want to get to the top of your favorite sport, OLTRE XR4 is the perfect way to accompany you.

The Bianchi CV integrated system used on Oltre cancels the vibrations generated by the ground, guaranteeing a more homogeneous pedaling and the maintenance of the position more efficient and aerodynamic for longer, without compromising in terms of power transfer.

The Bianchi CV system cancels 80% of road vibrations thanks to the use of an exclusive composite material integrated into the high-performance carbon frames and forks. The Bianchi CV system combines a viscoelastic material with a specific arrangement of carbon fibers to dissipate vibrations.The benefits for the cyclist are greater control, less muscle fatigue and more energy.