Liquid Death Skateboard

Regardless of your particular relationship with skateboarding, chances are pretty good that you’ve heard of Tony Hawk. That’s because, in addition to being one of the greatest boardsport athletes of all time, he’s also an individual that’s transcended culture as an actor, an entrepreneur, and a producer.

And now as a blood donor, apparently. In collaboration with Liquid Death, Tony Hawk has created a limited run of 100 skateboards made using his actual DNA. Yes, you read that right; each deck comes with a hand-painted, screen-printed graphic that features the Birdman’s blood. Never fret, though, all samples are sanitized after Hawk’s contribution and then infused in red paint prior to application.

And to ensure that your friends and family will believe you when you show off your prize, Liquid Death is including a certificate of authenticity along with each deck. The best part is, however, that 10% of the proceeds are going to 5 Gyres and The Skateboard Project in an effort to combat pollution and build skateboard parks in underprivileged communities. If you were hoping to get your hands on one, unfortunately, you’ll have to do some hunting (it’s already sold out). That said, you can learn more below.

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