Jeep Electric Guitar

Detroit is perhaps best known for being the epicenter for two things, at least as far as American culture is concerned: automobiles and music. And while those two concepts have always had a measure of a relationship — even if only tangential at times — they’re being brought together once again in spectacular fashion for a series of Jeep-branded electric guitars made in collaboration with Wallace Detroit Guitars and Cherrytree Music Company.

At a glance, you’ll surely recognize the shape of this guitar — it’s an iconic silhouette that’s been favored by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Muddy Waters, Brad Paisley, and legions of other American musicians. You’ll probably also recognize the U.S. Army star emblazoned on its front and the handsome topographical design on the back with the Jeep logo at its center. And while those style cues certainly impress, they’re far from the only special thing this six-stringed instrument has going for it. You see, every one of these guitars is built with genuine old-growth wood taken from historical Detroit buildings, tying each instrument directly to the rich history of the city and its position at the center of automotive and musical significance. Other significant details include a humbucker pickup designed to look like a Jeep grille, maple wood necks and fretboards, chrome hardware, and — on of our favorite touches — straps made from recycled seat belts.

Completely handmade in Detroit, including their oil finish, these custom guitars will be available for preorder on Wallace’s site with a lead time of 90 days and an expected delivery time of December — right on time for the holiday gift-giving season. Pricing is set at $2,900.

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