Hyperice X

Since 2010, Hyperice has been providing top-level athletes with state-of-the-art fitness recovery devices  in the form of percussion massage guns, vibrating back pads, and leg recovery wraps that are routinely utilized by elite pros from the Olympics, NBA, NFL, MLB, and UFC. For its latest release, the West Coast company — which counts Blake Griffin and Lindsey Vonn as shareholders — has just expanded its lineup to address one of the most common complaints from athletes, knee pain.

Christened the Hyperice X, this wearable offering allows users to switch from hot to cold thermal recovery settings within only seconds and connects via Bluetooth to a dedicated smartphone app that can be used to control the device and customize its operations.

Unlike traditional temperature recovery items, the Hyperice X is completely wireless and doesn’t require any ice or prep work of any kind, plus its electronically heated and cooled elements are capable of maintaining precise temperatures for the entire duration of its battery’s 1.5 hour run time. Weighing only 2lbs, the model also sports a comfortable anatomically correct fit that can be worn amidst athletic movement.

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