Evolve Hadean AT E-Skate

When stripped down to their bare essentials, skateboards are pretty simple pieces of equipment. But they don’t have to be. Just look at the Evolve Hadean Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard, a gloriously-overengineered piece of kit that turns the humble skateboard into a high-tech transportation vehicle.

The Evolve Hadean Carbon All Terrain Electric Skateboard has a deck made of lightweight and strong forged carbon fiber with a custom CNC heatsink that incorporates cooling vents and integrated smart LED lighting that can be customized via the Evolve app. The board is plenty powerful with dual 3000w motors that make uphill climbs a breeze, and it houses a massive 43.2V/16AH/12S4P/21700 Cell/691.2 Wh battery.

The Hadean Carbon All Terrain has a top speed of 26 mph and a range of 25 miles, while its beefy 7-inch pneumatic tires with Evolve all-terrain hubs make the board suitable for short grass, gravel, and footpaths. And if you don’t need all-terrain functionality, Evolve also offers the Hadean Carbon in a slightly faster, less rugged “Street” format.

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