Kuat ‘Piston Pro X’ 

Though hitch-mounted racks are easily some of the most popular bicycle transportation solutions on the market, they’re not without their compromises. Between the effort of loading, the threat of theft, and the obstruction inherent to their design, they can actually make for a pretty cumbersome piece of equipment.

With this in mind, Küat has engineered a game-changing option that’ll put an end to your hitch headaches for good. Dubbed the ‘Piston Pro X,’ it’s designed to go big on toughness whilst still being plenty user-friendly. As such, it features a robust aluminum construction and a pair of Kashima-Coated, hydro-pneumatic tire arms, allowing for hassle-free one-handed operation with just a press of the OneTap lever.

Oh, and to make sure the rack’s safety is up to snuff, Küat has incorporated some detachable 12mm cable locks and a set of quick-connect LED taillights. Capable of holding as much as 67lbs in each of its two trays, the Piston Pro X will fit 18”-29” wheel sizes with up to 5” tires. Top it off with some iron-clad wear protection (Tiger Powder coating and automotive-grade 750-hour salt spray), and you have an option that’s too good to pass up. It launches next spring for $1,389.