Canoo’s MPDV

Angular inside and out, the Canoo MPDV (Multi-Purpose Delivery Vehicle) is designed to be functional through and through. It has numerous configurations including ones for florists, food truck operators, mail carriers and seemingly endless others. Whatever the intended use is, it seems like Canoo figured out a way to make its van ready for it.

Its features go way beyond just different size configurations. There are also interior layouts and even convertible structures that can exist inside or outside the vehicle.  Utilizing a 200-horsepower, 236 lb-ft electric motor driving the front wheels, it clearly prioritizes range and cargo capacity over outright power. Canoo seems to be run by slightly more practical and utilitarian people.

The MPDV’s range depends on which battery pack size you choose and what size vehicle you desire. All MPDVs get 40, 60 or 80-kilowatt-hour packs, with the smallest MPDV1 allegedly getting 300 miles of range max out of the 80-kWh pack. The larger MPDV2 will only get 250 miles, but it also has 450 cubic feet of storage volume behind the driver’s seat. Canoo claims the smaller 40-kWh and 60-kWh battery packs deliver 170 miles and 250 miles in the MPDV1, respectively.

If these vans look heavy to you, well, they’re about as heavy as similar vans from Canoo’s competitors. Sitting on a 195-section tire, the lightest MPDV weighs 3,750 pounds. The heaviest MPDV, which rides on a slightly wider 215-section tire, weighs 4,410 lbs. Interestingly, due to the immense weight of the batteries and the singular motor option, the MPDV with the shortest range actually has the largest payload, at 1,980 pounds.

The interior of the MPDV is spartan, with a few comfort features for the driver including two 120-volt outlets and cupholders located to the left of the driver’s seat. There’s also a spot to house as many as three smartphones, as using multiple phones is a common practice for delivery drivers and others whose business revolves around their vehicles. The seats don’t look super comfortable to be honest, but if your last name is SquarePants that shouldn’t be a problem.

This truck is so boxy that we can’t imagine it lacking utility when these things eventually hit the streets. Combine its massive cargo volume with its plethora of features and configurations, and it promises to be a competitive player in the segment. It will be especially competitive considering its base price, too.

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