Super 73 E-Bike

We’re big fans of Super73 and their awesome line up of steeds here at Coolector HQ and their Z1 Lighweight E-Bike is one of our favourites to date with its streamlined design and faultless performance. One of the classiest and undoubtedly the coolest E-Bike on the market, the Z1 from Super73 will add you to an elite group of people that actually enjoy their commute to and from work because it’s fun to ride, pure and simple.

The Z1 looks the part and feels like a motorcycle to ride but with the high-tech operational power of a high-end electric bike – so, it’s basically the best of both worlds. Its smooth acceleration gets you to a top speed of 20 mph which will get you around any urban landscape easily and will get you to work quickly and efficiently.

E-bikes are likely to become the new normal for commuting in urban environments in years to come so you might as well be an early adopter with one of the coolest available on the market in the shape of the Super73 Z1 Lightweight E-Bike. Boasting a pleasing old school cool style aesthetic, this is the ideal contraption for getting you from A to B and back again in your home city.

These E-bikes have a extremely robust, stainless steel frame which has been hand-welded in California for a tangible sense of quality. The oversized vinyl seat is ridiculously comfortable and the Z1 will operate like a traditional bike in the event of a dead or weak battery. It has heavy duty tires and wheels which deliver extra protection and cushion on bumpy roads and you don’t need a license to ride a Super73 Z1.

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