The brainchild of Singaporean electrics experts, Vanda Electrics, the same company behind the upcoming new ‘dendrobium’ electric supercar. 

Motochimp offers cost-effective city mobility, capable of being fast charged from any regular AC power plug in under an hour, providing a worry-free round trip of 60km.

Motochimp’s body is classy, durable and stylish. its main structure is solidly fashioned out of extruded aluminum alloy for a smooth texture and clean finish that feels as good as it looks. There a few colour options that you can choose from, including red, blue or yellow.

With ‘Motochimp’, small is definitely beautiful. each bike is very compact measuring just over a meter long. A small wheelbase of 750 mm, allows the rider to safely steer around crowds and busy walkways.

Power comes from a 48 V 350 W electric rear hub motor, which accelerates the electric motorcycle to comfortably reach cruising speeds of 30 km/h. Energy is stored by a lithium-ion battery with a charge time of just 60 mins from a standard home socket. this fast-charging cycle means that ‘motochimp’ easily fits into busy urban schedules, capable of charging fully in a lunch hour, ever-ready for fast and frequent travel.

Motochimp is full of surprising and delightful features too. there’s no bulky charging cable, for instance, just a fuss-free standard AC power plug that fits snugly under the rider’s seat. 

And when it comes to starting the Mototchimp, out goes the traditional key and its replaced by a contactless digital ignition lock. using radio-frequency identification technology, owners can simply hover their digital ‘key’ over the receiver. Each pair has a unique digital ID code ensuring the ‘motochimp’ responds only to the owner.