Premium printed 100% cotton long sleeve tee by Poet Meets Dubwise.

An original brand by Michiharu Shimoda, SILENT POETS, who expresses melancholic and emotional DUB sound. Shimoda, who has been active as a DJ / musician since the 1990s, has a long career as a graphic designer. While working on the artwork and merchandising of his own work, he has designed graphics and logos for many brands and has made a cross-cutting commitment to fashion and music culture.

POET MEETS DUBWISE is a project that represents Shimoda’s career, where music, design, and culture are always next to each other. For basic items that minimize functional beauty and comfort, the keywords and song titles associated with SILENT POETS are designed as typography.

A simple yet deep product that is conscious of the beauty and margins of the form of words, and the stance that Shimoda has consistently been “total work including music and artwork” has been dropped into each of them. There is.

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