Merci LMM-01 Field Watch

After the success of its first watch, the LMM-01, the Paris retailer Merci has launched a proper line of watches, Merci Instruments, and its first collection, Projet Spécial.

The watches in Projet Spécial have a distinctly vintage feel matched by a fun vibe and unisex appeal. Among these is the aptly named LMM-01 Field Watch, which calls to mind the easy-to-read military timepieces of the last century.

Available in two dial variations, black and white, the field watch runs on a specialized Seiko quartz movement with sweep seconds, causing it to appear as if it is mechanical while delivering the accuracy of quartz. The white dial variation, as seen here, will offer more flexibility when it comes to potential strap pairings.

There is an no-nonsense, straightforward character to the LMM-01 Field Watch that goes a long way toward explaining its obvious charm. As we’d expect from a Merci product, it’s the kind of simple watch that gets the details right, from its syringe hands and crisp numerals for the hours to its fully drilled through lugs. It’s dressy yet unfussy, and at 38mm in diameter, it’s just about the perfect size for an everyday watch.

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