Coboc Iseo E-Bike

Iseo is the name of the latest vehicle from Coboc. Named after Italy’s fourth-largest lake, this e-bike has the cycling holiday genes in it, so to speak. And it does so in the visually impressive style that the manufacturer from Heidelberg has cultivated from the very beginning.

With the Iseo, Coboc has placed a lot of emphasis on a comfortable and at the same time ergonomically correct position on the bike. For the first time, a bike with a suspension fork rolls out of the factory. The new comfort zone on the Iseo measures a moderate 60 millimetres of travel. This seems perfectly adequate on cobblestones, forest paths and cycle paths that need a little care. At the latest when the odometer exceeds 50, many people have no objection to a little more comfort. Therefore, this step should meet with a lot of approval.

Funnily enough, Coboc advertises the bike’s low weight in this context. The bike weighs exactly 17.5 kilograms with 27.5-inch wheels and 18 kilograms with 28-inch wheels. Those of you who are more familiar with Coboc’s other e-bikes may now be frowning and thinking: isn’t that a bit much for Coboc? In fact, the 18 kilograms are a new record when you look at their entire range. So why do you need to emphasise that? Quite clearly, because that is still a remarkable figure for a trekking bike with an electric drive. Many competitors can only keep up with 22 kilograms or more.

Is less more?

Of course, the whole thing has its price. How “painful” that is lies in the eye of the beholder. The low overall weight of the Iseo is largely due to its motor and the rather small battery. According to the manufacturer, the battery’s 380 watt hours will support you on anything between 70 and 110 kilometres. That is, of course, less than a battery with a capacity of 600 watt-hours or more.

On the other hand, this modesty results in an appearance that is inconspicuous in the best sense of the word, with slender tubes and a small motor. You have to look twice to realise that this is an e-bike. And this is exactly the approach that Coboc has been pursuing – extremely successfully – for years. Details such as the rear light integrated into the seat tube or the minimalist carrier for the saddle bags fit perfectly into this concept.The RST suspension fork also functions as a mount for the Litemove front headlight.The rear light integrated into the seat tube is also a Coboc development.Despite its low empty weight, the Iseo is approved for a maximum total weight of 140 kilograms.

State-of-the-art technical equipment

Coboc pairs the classic-looking design with technical details that at the same time reflect the current zeitgeist. A modern 11-speed drivetrain from Sram is mounted on the aluminium frame. In addition, there are hydraulic disc brakes from TRP, whose diameter of 160 millimetres is sufficiently large for this type of touring bike. In addition, there is the now well-known and self-developed Coboc Electric Drive. This motor has a torque sensor that continuously adjusts the assistance to the power you are putting on the pedals at the time.

Another typical Coboc feature is the lack of a display. A small control unit integrated into the front part of the top tube is used to operate the e-drive. Those who like to see the details of the ride, a route and similar information in front of them can simply use the corresponding app on their mobile device for visualisation.A premiere also in terms of colour choice: Never before has Coboc presented a bike in two options.You can choose between Rooftop Red (left) and Emerald Grey.

Even simplicity does not come free of charge. Coboc is asking 4,799 euros for the Iseo. The bike has been announced for spring 2021. So, there’s still plenty of time for anticipation and meticulous travel planning. Maybe some of you will be drawn to the Iseo. Your bike would certainly appreciate it.

Of course, it also feels at home here: the Iseo e-bike from Coboc for the 2021 season.

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