Bivvi Portable A-Frame Cabin

Bivvi is a portable A-Frame Cabin mounted on a trailer, and is perfect for today´s nomads.

The tiny prefab cabin seeks to connect people to the outdoors with little impact on their environment. The compact shelter can be easily packed and deployed in the wilderness, and features an 80-square-foot interior, and is insulated for colder weather and covered with metal siding for rain, snow, and wind protection.

The cosy interior is lined in either pine or plywood, has enough room for a full size bed with some spare standing room, and features a triangular picture window to bring in the outdoors. Add-ons include custom furniture, a micro wood stove, decking, and the ability to hook up to electricity or solar.

But undoubtedly the coolest feature is the fact that it can be fitted to a custom trailer for true freedom of movement.

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