Cowboy 4 E-Bike

A leader among e-bike startups, Cowboy is ready to unveil the newest version of their signature e-bike.

The Cowboy 4 features a fresh take on the original frame and offers 50% more torque than the C3. Riders can choose from a regular edition of the bike, or a step-through frame version, each of which has 6061 aluminum frames and a slew of custom-designed components.

The e-bike runs on a 250W hub-mounted rear motor and a removable 360wH battery that pushes the ride to a pedal-assisted 15mph. The battery has a 43.5-mile range and can be juiced up fully in under 4 hours.

Puncture-resistant tires, an automatic decelerating detecting taillight, and a handlebar with a wireless charger for your smartphone help complete the bike, which all in all weighs in at just over 41 pounds

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