Atomi Copper Sake Cup

Atomi’s Copper Sake Cup is made from copper which has a remarkable quality to retain cold drinks. The maker inherited the old traditions in Niigata, Japan, creates various copper products with warmth using newer technology.

Atomi is co-founded by Andrew Tan and Mitsuko Murano in 2009 and located at Mandarin Gallery along Orchard Road, Singapore’s most famous shopping precinct.

Japanese designs x Comfortable lifestyle is the concept that has defined atomi since its inception. The name atomi eponymous “a” for “Andrew” and “mi” for “Mitsuko” together with “to”, which means “and” in Japanese. 

Every item is specially handpicked by the owners themselves; every item is the crystallisation of Japanese designers’ hard work that is crafted to enrich our daily lives and cannot be found elsewhere in Singapore.

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