Best Made Leather Briefcase

Built to work hard and last a lifetime, Best Made Leather Briefcase is sized to fit all the necessities of a daily commute: laptop, papers, lunch, keys, phone, and more.

Made start-to-finish in the USA, it’s constructed from 100% vegetable-tanned skirting leather that will wear handsomely over time. The vegetable tanning process uses materials like bark to achieve a natural color that’s less prone to scratching than synthetically-dyed leathers, and will actually darken in the sun.

The heavy stitching is done with a shoe-cobbling machine for extra durability, and all of the hardware is made from solid brass for top-to-bottom reinforcement. This is a rugged, high-quality piece; don’t worry about tossing it into the back of your truck — stains and scuffs will only add character.

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