Holy Family, known as the “Doni Tondo”

In an effort to raise funds, Florence’s Uffizi gallery looks to the Crypto dimension and turns one of its Michelangelo paintings into an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). 

First painted around 1505, the work of art, entitled ‘Doni Tondo,’ depicts the holy family in vivid color and is enclosed within an ornate, circular frame. the work marks the first that the uffizi gallery intends to digitize and sell, an undertaking that is beginning strong — the Michelangelo, now a non fungible token, has just sold for €140,000, or $170,000 USD.

The effort marks a partnership with Cinello, with which the earnings will be split. the Italian company has developed a method of transforming art into digital artworks, which it calls DAWS, in their original dimensions.

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