Warehouse Morinha

Stu.dere – Oficina de Arquitectura e Design transformed an old industrial building into a playful multi-functional space. The project, named Warehouse Morinha, is located in Vila Meã, a Portuguese village in the municipality of Amarante.

The studio turned the 330 sqm space into a contemporary store that also includes an office and a storage room in the ground floor, a photography studio on the upper floor.

The idea of stu.dere was to create a playful space, a sort of game for children “Despite the client’s request for an open space concept, the intention was to create a sense of exploration as one walked through space, as though it were a labyrinth, like a game for a kid. Hence the implementation of the wire mesh, which creates a physical but not visual barrier, thus fulfilling the client’s premises.” Ulisses Costa, lead architect.

The metallic grid divides the space into the different functions while maintaining a visual connection between the different areas and the idea of open space.

Regarding the materials and finishing of Warehouse Morinha, the studio chose materials in their raw state to exalt their natural beauty and to pay homage to the industrial origin of the building.  For the interior walls, they chose honeycomb polycarbonate which pairs perfectly to the micro-cement floor. To counterbalance the industrial materials, the ceilings and the office were lined with birch plywood, creating a more intimate and warm feel “This note has a regular metric that allows both to create rhythm and to guide the organization of space, such as the arrangement of furniture.

Next to the stairs to the upper floor they added a small area dedicated to children. This playful space has been covered with polycarbonate with a double height: the lights reflected by the polycarbonate allude to a world of magic, imagination and creativity. The pendant lights have been custom made to add an extra playful feeling.

Photography by Ivo Tavares Studio