The End By Gufram

Gufram pulls back from the world of design.‎ It declares it and turns the page – with a tombstone.‎

Since the time has come to call it quits because of the many mudslinger that have always condemned Gufram’s anti-design soul, Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpalo Ferrari celebrate the funeral rites.‎

Thus TOILETPAPER writes Gufram’s epitaph, and, as an act of final resistance, creates a tombstone that can be used as a seat with a grotesque irony.‎

In 1966, Gufram made its foray into the italian design world, quickly making a name for itself as the brand popularizing radical design with their pop art aesthetic. through technological experiments and material research, the company carved out a particular furniture niche – one that encompasses playful, subversive and irreverent products with a touch of irony – establishing itself as an artisanal enterprise where furniture met with international artistic vanguards of the time. all this with the intention of giving birth to a new way of imagining modern furnishings.

Sandra and Charley Vezza take ownership of the company in 2012 who had the desire to preserve much of its original design philosophies and conceptual methods. while still maintaining the bold pop art vision that GUFRAM had from the start, they have translated the brand’s values into a selection of new products and collaborations with international designers and artists, bringing a renewed life and particular sense of amusement to the collection.