Launched in 1963 and addressed to professional pilots is the Rolex Cosmograpgh Daytona with its patented chronograph movement and the tachometer-scale bezel, drivers were able to measure average speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour

The original Rolex Rainbow Daytona was released in 2012 to an almost immediate cult following. Rolex shocked and awed collectors with this spectacular version of the reveled Cosomgraph Daytona.

A very limited number of Rainbow Daytona’s were introduced, making it a highly sought after watch. This makes the DLC edition by Black Venom even much sought after.

The bezel featured 36 in-house, baguette-cut sapphires hand set in a rainbow graduation. To add even more wow factor, the mid-case boasts 56 individually set diamonds. THAT is major bling.

An already iconic watch, the Cosmograph Daytona allowed professional race car drivers to measure average speeds up to 400 kilometres or miles per hour.  Since its debut in 1963, its popularity has risen thanks to celebrities like Paul Newman, Victoria Beckham, Jay Z, and Ellen DeGeneres.