Harley-Davidson e-Bike

Eco-friendly mobility solutions are probably not the first things that come to mind when you think of Harley-Davidson. But the company launched its all-electric motorcycle, the Livewire in 2019. And now, Harley-Davidson is taking it a step further by launching a stand-alone e-bike brand, the Serial 1 Cycle Company .

The name for Serial 1 Cycle Company comes from “Serial Number One”, Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle. And the first e-bike, the Serial 1 eBicycle, took ample inspiration from its design and looks gorgeous. Harley-Davidson says the e-bike emerged from a skunkworks project from “a small group of passionate motorcycle and bicycle enthusiasts” within the company.

The sophisticated commuter. The model is a premium, full-featured eBicycle designed for more convenient and fun commutes. The easiest, most intuitive way to get anywhere, without breaking a sweat.

The bikes are available at https://www.serial1.com/