Mi Smart Speaker

The Xiaomi Mi Smart Speaker Battery Edition is a small, low-cost entry in the wireless speaker market. It has one 2.5-inch 12W speaker and a streaming light display with “16 million colors,” according to Xiaomi. Tuned by DTS (Digital Theater Systems, a competitor to Dolby Labs), the device is 15.1 centimeters high (5.94 inches), 13.1 centimeters long (5.15 inches), and 10.4 centimeters wide (4.09 inches). It’s also relatively light at 853 grams (1 lb 14 oz).

Considering the price of the Mi Smart Speaker Battery Edition, its score of 104 among the “Essential” segment of speakers (costing less than 200 euros) is rather remarkable. It came in third place among the first six devices we’ve tested that category.

The device is strongest in the midrange, with good attack performance for midrange instruments in every use case. It also has surprisingly good localizability, thanks to those precise upper mids. Whether it’s plugged in or on battery, the tonal balance and volume of the Mi Smart Speaker were the same.