MDC have been making hybrid off-road caravans for close to a decade, and it all started with the predecessor to this model, the XT10. There’s been many improvements and a great deal of features added since then.

With comfort in mind, the XT12 is built with features that make it the ideal off-road home. The easy to set up foldout rear allows for a full-length queen size bed, and can be set up in just minutes.

Smoothing the bumps and tackling the tough terrain is the MDC independent trailing arm suspension. It’s adjustable for camber and towing correction, so tyre wear is minimised. Fitted with dual shock absorbers and the toughest springs in the business, your XT12 will go further, to get to those epic destinations. The XT12 is one of Australia’s most proven caravans for those wanting to hit the road you won’t be disappointed with the comforts of this caravan on your next camping trip. If you name a popular destination, you’re guaranteed the XT12 has been there.