Tick half your camping list off in one go with the Castle Brook K.U.B. Its name stands for Kitchen Utensils Box, and it’s built in California of commercial grade polymers with cutout inner foam that holds everything in their place, not unlike a weapons box. Included is a 10-inch restaurant grade aluminum frypan, a 1.4 litre tea/coffee kettle big enough to make coffee for everyone, four double-walled stainless steel coffee cups, four multi-compartment stainless steel dishes, and four each of serrated butter knives, forks, and table spoons — so you won’t need to raid your kitchen for gear to bring along. It’s also packed with plenty more cooking accessories like a cutting board, a grill grate and brush, a heat resistant oven mitt, a corkscrew, a bottle opener, kitchen tongs, and a chef’s knife, amongst others. In short, basically everything you’ll need to eat well, minus the food and cooking skills.