Learning to play guitar takes time most of us don’t have. The Magic Instruments Guitar, on the other hand, is pretty much pick-up-and-play. It’s still got strings but they end before the fretboard, the latter instead equipped with buttons that play whole chords with a single touch as you strum. To make things even easier the fretboard bears fret numbers plus key and scale indicators along its edge, and works alongside Magic Instruments’ mobile app to make playing (and finding lyrics) super simple. The guitar is also equipped with a variety of controls, inputs and outputs including volume of its built-in speaker, instrument sound controls to switch to differently-sounding guitars, a digital effects control, a 1/4-inch output to plug to an amp, a headphone and mic jack to play on headphones or record your singing, plus a USB MIDI out. It’s basically like a real guitar, minus the hundreds of hours of experience needed to sound good.